Facing the Enemy [DVD Set]

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 VIDEO SERIES | Designed for Bible Study Groups

In each 35-40 minute VIDEO teaching, Daphne ministers on the truths found in her book, Facing the Enemy: Strategies for Living Victoriously Behind Enemy Lines. Accompanying workbook available for individual or group study.

  • Session One (Chapter 1): Our Place In this World
The Bible says, "We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one" (1 John 5:19). The world John spoke of is this earth, where both believers and unbelievers dwell -- all of us under the influence of the devil. But God knows this. In fact, He has a strategic reason for keeping us in this world. 
  • Session Two (Chapters 2-3): Your Best Weapon Against the Enemy
We are in this world, operating behind enemy lines, meaning we are on the devil's turf but not on his side. The devil knows we are here so he has designed strategies and tactics against believers to isolate and defeat them. But there is a truth that positions believers above every influence of the enemy -- our understanding of righteousness.
  • Session Three (Chapters 4-5): Hold Your Position

A chess board is the perfect analogy of how the world around us works and how God uses our position in Christ to His advantage to hold ground. And in this game of life, our opponent, the devil, looks for opportunities to move us away from our purpose. But we are the only ones who can make room for the devil in our lives (or not).

  • Session Four (Chapter 6): Know Your Enemy

If righteousness is the ability to stand before God without inferiority (or fear), then God wants us to stand before the devil that way too (no cowering). In other words, Christians do not need to be hiding from or avoiding their enemy. Good soldiers know their opponent and his strategies against them.

  • Session Five (Chapters 7-8): The Story of Our Dominion

In the garden, God told Satan to be on guard because His seed was going to cause havoc with Satan's seed. In other words, God had a plan to restore and permanently secure the original dominion of man that was lost to our adversary. You think you know the story, but do you really?

  • Session Six (Chapter 9): The Greatest Psalm Ever

There are treasures in God's Word. Everything God wants us to know about who we are, how He sees us, and what He's given us in Christ. A hidden treasure is something that's always been there below the surface but unknown until discovered. Psalm 23 holds all the treasures of our righteousness, authority, and revelation of our enemy.