Facing the Mirror [DVD Set]

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 VIDEO SERIES | Designed for Bible Study Groups

In each 35-40 minute VIDEO teaching, Daphne ministers on the truths found in her book, Facing the Mirror: Finding a Self to Live With. Accompanying workbook available for individual or group study.

  • Session One (Chapters 1-2): God's Guidance System
The Bible says, "Don't copy the behavior and customs of this world..." (this part we know and understand) "...but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think..." (Romans 12:2, NLT). In other words, let God reprogram your natural guidance system with His way of doing things. 
  • Session Two (Chapters 3-4): How the Devil Defeats Us
Conviction is how God corrects us. Condemnation is how the devil defeats us.
But if we don't know the difference, we'll suffer under the unnecessary weight of regret, guilt, and deception. If righteousness means to stand before God without guilt, can you see why the devil feeds you condemnation? The devil's goal is to get you to waver in your relationship with God-- but truth will set you free!
  • Session Three (Chapters 5-6): Behind the Veil

The veil is the blood of Jesus. It is the separating factor — both for salvation (from darkness to light) and everyday life. It is what separates TRUTH from lies-- because there are Truths about God that the devil doesn’t want you to know.

  • Session Four (Chapters 7-8): Learn to Receive

God’s heart must be saddened by the countless number of rejections He’s had. He’s prepared a feast for all who will come to Him, but sadly, there are many who daily reject His generosity. But for those who wrestle with unworthiness, the problem isn’t in coming to God, the problem is found in receiving good things from God.

  • Session Five (Chapters 9-10): Faith and Feelings

God’s Word never changes. However, our feelings change constantly, depending on our circumstances. Part of learning who you are in Christ is also learning how to navigate through your feelings to the truth.

  • Session Six (Chapters 11-12): Performance Not Required

We can't earn salvation by doing good-- but salvation should produce good! In other words, righteousness (the right-standing we receive from God at salvation) isn’t something we are working towards now or might someday attain because of our performance.

  • Session Seven (Chapters 13-14): Total Salvation

As Christians, we know there are certain ways we should speak, think, and act towards others, but what does it say about our belief in God’s Word when we withhold these same things from ourselves?

  • Session Eight (Chapter 15): Living Out Our Righteousness

Everything we learn is only knowledge unless we apply it. So we can never emphasize enough the importance of the actions required on our part necessary to seal certain truths in your heart and help us LIVE OUT YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.