Power of a Spirit-Filled Life [Audio Set]

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[5-part series] In each 35-40 minute AUDIO teaching (MP3), Daphne ministers on the reasons every believer needs to be spirit-filled.

  • Part One

The Bible has so much to say about the Holy Spirit and His activity in our lives. And the devil is flat scared of the Holy Spirit — which is why he fights so hard against believers in their understanding of the Holy Spirit.

  • Part Two
Satan DOES NOT want another Ephesus to happen. Scripture reveals the result of one man asking twelve men if they had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit when they believed. And a whole continent was turned upside-down.
  • Part Three
The gospel of Jesus Christ includes the baptism of the Holy Spirit — Jesus spoke of it often. Neither was the Apostle Paul ashamed to witness of the Holy Spirit and recognize the need to teach on these things.


  • Part Four

The power of the Holy Spirit is manifested and fueled through a prayer language and aids in major ways, such as: helping us pray the perfect will of God, building us up, keeping us in the center of God's love, helping us operate in mercy towards others, and used by God to transfer divine secrets and mysteries from His Spirit to ours.

  • Part Five

The message of love is sandwiched right in the middle of Paul's specific teaching and instruction on spiritual gifts and the importance of believer's understanding of speaking in tongues. So never underestimate how important LOVE is to God — even more important than spiritual gifts.