Facing the Enemy [SET]

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Strategies for Living Victoriously Behind Enemy Lines


In this book, Daphne Delay gives the reader insight into understanding righteousness, deception and authority. Once you have an understanding of these three things, you are like a soldier prepared for battle and equipped for the task. Then, you can go and shine as a light into the world as Jesus commanded us to do.

The game of chess is a lot like life. If you make smart moves then you can stay away from danger but any bad decision could be your last. As Christians, it is imperative to have a strategic understanding of Heaven’s perspective of the Kingdom of Light versus the kingdom of darkness. Every move, every decision, every act of obedience has an outcome that determines our victory or defeat.

But sadly, the greatest oxymoron to ever exist is the phrase defeated Christian. It’s heartbreaking to think most believers are living with masks on, hiding what’s behind their facade. They overcome, but never seem to conquer. They’re frustrated, but don’t know why. They are saved from hell, but living in some form of it every day. This has to change.

In this book, FACING THE ENEMY: Strategies for Living Victoriously Behind Enemy Lines, you will:

  • Learn what it means to be “behind enemy lines”
  • Understand the importance of the trade Jesus made with us
  • Be taught how to identify the strategies of the enemy against you
  • Learn how to protect the soil of your heart
  • Learn to recognize and deal with the strongholds in your life
  • Discover the truth about your dominion and authority in Christ

The workbook was designed to help you have an interactive approach to the truths found in Facing the Enemy: Strategies for Living Victoriously Behind Enemy Lines. Too often, readers relate to the author but never really look in their own heart. Instead, they gain head knowledge, but little heart change. The questions in this workbook will help you look within by challenging things such as:

  • What is my belief system?
  • Why do I think this way?
  • How do I replace lies with truth?

At the end of each workbook chapter, you will also find a reference of scriptures used in the book chapters as a handy study guide for your own personal time with God in His Word.

This workbook is perfect for both individual and group study.

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